Accessories for HOSP products

HOSP pays considerable attention to quality and reliability for products which extend its range. All parts are therefore carefully selected in order to meet high requirements.

Rundstahlbügelset RSB 2 Zoll mit Nocken
U-Bolt Set 2"
In galvanised steel with stamped notches, washers and nuts, 2 Inch
Transformer 100 Watt
Transformer 100 W
Transformer (100W) for power supply to two HK/3 drinking bowl
Transformer 100 Watt
Transformer 200W
Transformer (200W) for power supply to four HK/3 drinking bowl
Heizkabel, Rohrbegleitheizung
Heizkabel, Rohrbegleitheizung
24 Volt, 11 Watt/Meter (bis -20°C)
Clamping bracket
SBS clamping bracket set - small
for Tubes from 1 1/4 - 1 1/2 Inch, with bolts and nuts.
Clamping bracket for drinking bowl
SBS clamping bracket set
for Tubes from 1 1/2 to 2 Inch, with bolts and nuts.
U-Bolt Adapter
to use 2 Inch U-Bolt with 1 1/4 or 1 1/2 Inch Tubes.
Floater Topaz
TOPAZ Float Valve with Extension
Float Valve with apprx. 80 l/min and Extension-Arm. Connection: 3/4"
Frostpro Frostprotection
Frost Protection Kit for TOPAZ Float Valve
Schwimmerventil ROJO  RJ 20
ROJO Float Valve
ROJO Float Valve with 3/4" Connection
Protection bar to trough RD/10
Schutzbügel mit Abstandshalter zu RD/10
suitable to drinker LIQUID RD/10
Protection Bar to Trough RD/20
Schutzbügel mit Abstandshalter zu RD/20
suitable to drinker LIQUIDID RD/20
Leitungsbogen 3/4
180° Elbow-Pipe 3/4"
180° bent pipe with threads and straight pipe inklusive
Protection Bar to Trough WD/10
Hoop Guard, WD/10
suitable to drinker LIQUID WD/10
Valve, Troughvalve
"WatGo Pro Schwimmerventil mit 1"" Anschluss inklusive Adapter auf 1/2"" und 3/4"""
800 l/min
Troughvalve, Valve in Brass
WatGo MS
Schwimmerventil aus Messing, mit 1" Anschluss inklusive Adapter auf 1/2" und 3/4"
Floater WATGO KS
WatGo KS
Schwimmerventil mit 1" Anschluss inklusive Adapter auf 1/2" und 3/4"
Rundstahlbügelset RSB 2 1/2
U-Bolt Set, 2 1/2"
In galvanised steel without stamped notches, washers and nuts, 2 1/2 Inch
Spannbügelset SBS-HK/3
Clamping Bracket Set SBS-HK/3
for tubes with 1 1/14 to 2 Inch. Set includes 2 brackets, Nuts and Bolts.
Frost protection controller
Control range: 0-50°C, IP protection class 54
Aluklebeband, 5cm breit, 50m Abrolllänge
Aluklebeband, Rolle
zur Montage von Heizkabel an Rohrleitungen

Hosp Products

Drinking Bowl

Drinking Bowls ❯

Robust and durable Waterer for Cattle, Cows and Horses
Drinking Bowl for Pigs

Swine Bowls ❯

Easy-to-operate pressure flap function in the pig and piglet product series from HOSP, especially for mother herd husbandry.
Waterer in stainless steel

Liquid-Series ❯

Frostsichere Ventiltränken, ohne Strom. Komplett aus Edelstahl
Trough in stainless steel

Trough Series ❯

The trough series with a high-performance float valve with refill capacity of 80l/min, completely produced from high-quality stainless steel

Break Tank ❯

Leistungstarke und zuverlässige Systemtrennung nach DIN EN 1717. Damit Ihr Trinkwasser nicht gefährdet wird.